Caline Orange Burst

My newest Schätzchen arrived yesterday. The Caline Orange Burst is a ripoff of the Xotic BB Booster. It’s a 4 Opamp Boost, with a tubescreameresque Diode Clipping Section, and a “Cow tail” (Baxandall) Treble/Bass Active Equalizer Network. Despite the greenish word, I stressed above, the Overdrive is very neutral, it doesn’t have too much Mid boost like a real Tubescreamer would have, since the Diode Limiter has none of the Frequency boosting RC terms. So it can act as a perfect loud! clean boost, with the Gain on Zero, and the Volume wherever you need it. Or a neutral Overdrive, slightly on the soft side, much less harsh than my Digitech Screaming Blues, but with some compression.
While the Xotic BB goes for 240€, the Caline has cost me 27 bucks. And I got quite some bang for that. 11.07.16 - 1.jpg

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